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Jaundice Capsule Capsule (Get The Best Of Natural Formulation)

Rs. 2,991.00

Jaundice Treatment will benefit you with :-

  1. Rejuvenates and strengthens the liver
  2. Natural treatment of Jaundice
  3. Powers and regularizes the digestive system
  4. Complete treatment for every type of Jaundice
  5. Heals the liver related process and ensures proper secretion of bile
  6. Better processing of separation and disposing of red blood cells
  7. Treats hepatitis
  8. Works effectively for enlarged liver
  9. Soothes the body from the jaundice symptoms
  10. No side effects risk
  11. 100% natural ingredients


Jaundinil Capsule – For the Natural Care of Your Liver

Hashmi Pharmacy offers the optimum jaundice treatment that is specifically designed to target the cause and remove the symptoms from the first dosage. The medicine is extensively tested to ensure that it works powerfully and directly to heal the liver and its related processes. This treatment for jaundice ensures that the bilirubin leaves its place and liver filters the blood effectively. For quick impact in urgent conditions, the medicine is formulated with the rare and powerful natural herbs that heal the body and bring the much required comfort.

Hashmi pharmacy, which is famous for bringing forth the most revolutionary natural medicines to treat the chronic and complex issues in the simple and natural manner, presents its another powerful yet completely natural medicine for the treatment of Jaundice.

Jaundinil Herbal Capsule is the ultimate medicine to treat the slow poisonous disease that can bring a person to his/her end if not treated properly on time. Jaundice attacks on the liver or in other words, it starts when the liver fails to perform its duties. This treatment for jaundice is formulated by our specialists after the extensive research and testing on the working methodology of the liver before and during the issue. It has helped us to pick out the most effective of the herbs that not only treats the irregularity of the liver but also normalizes the other body processes that got affected from it.


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